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Concentrated Prayer to Defeat Modern Wars and Genocides


This webpage represents the effort of a Christian prayer campaign to put a stop to modern genocides and unjust wars. The difference between this campaign and other similar ones is that this one concentrates on specific targets. In many cases, wars and atrocities are started by singular individuals or by a small group of leaders. If we direct our prayers against this limited number of individuals, we might have better success at achieving real goals. It is the intention of this website to enlist as many churches as possible to join this plan of action in order to put a stop to the untold subjection, suffering, and killing of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

The model of the revolutionary "minuteman" is being used here for two reasons:

(1) The minutemen confronted a large force of invaders who were attempting to occupy and control their country. These militiamen stood up to, fought against, and drove the invaders out of their villages and towns.

(2) Also unlike other campaigns, this plan does not call for Christians to pay for long periods of time, not even a half-hour or an hour a day. All it calls on believers to do is to pray ONE minute a day--that is right, only one minute a day. Although this seems like such a small amount of time being spent in prayer, that deficiency is made up for by the large number of people being enlisted, perhaps thousands or even tens of thousands. And since this does not involve either physical fighting nor physical force, "minutewomen" can also be enrolled. For a fuller description of this plan of action, please read the foundational four-page "concept" of this campaign by clicking on the following link:


Every campaign, effort, or organization must have practical "guidelines" by which to operate. To view this campaign's principles of operation, please click on this link:

If you are interested in joining this campaign, please get in contact with us by clicking on this link:

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